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I’ve finished my book

I don’t mean I’ve finished writing the final page, the last line, written ‘The end’. I mean I’ve done that and read it about five more times to see if it actually makes sense and if I’m still pleased with it – and I am. It’s called A lifting of Clouds. I feel like I’ve
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I have to say I love the research…

I’ve just been looking up the weather records for Manchester in January 1941, which is when my book is set. By mid-month the ice and snow had arrived and, as the winter before had been truly Arctic, I imagine people would have been braced for the worst. I like to check on the weather record
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I didn’t intend to write a trilogy at all…

PHOTO: The book launch of A legacy of ghosts held at Haigh Hall February 2022. Rhona with Majors Linda and Alan Taberner of the Medical Living History Group, who joined her at the launch, I didn’t intend to write a trilogy at all, but the idea crept stealthily into my subconscious along with the characters
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