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Coming soon – A Lifting of Clouds

Coming soon – A Lifting of Clouds


     Almost Christmas, December 1940 and the enemy unleashed a blitzkrieg on Manchester. Two women, out in the city on the first night, one unwittingly and the other by choice, are caught in the fury of the raid.

Set against the background of a second world war, this is the story of Marianne and Florrie, two very different women joined by long family friendship, but both facing a crisis point in their lives.

Marianne Barkley, daughter of a serving general is one of the Manchester Evening News’ top reporters and is out looking for news; but she has a secret love that threatens her judgement. Florrie Mason, once a maid at Haigh Hall, and now a secretary to an undertaker, is heavily pregnant and desperate to get home.

Florrie’s route home lies past Ordsall Hall, Salford. This ancient and troubled place, once a splendid Tudor Hall, always pulls Florrie’s attention. She’s a medium and voices from the Hall’s past cry out to her; but on the night of the air raid, she felt a new presence bearing down on her, an evil and powerful spirit.

In the following weeks, events conspire, and tensions build to a critical level and bring the two women together in a dangerous finale.

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