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My book is currently with my Beta readers…

My book is currently with my Beta readers…

My book is currently with my Beta readers, and I’ve had replies from three of the seven. Thank goodness they’ve given me really great reports – all favourable – apart from one comment about some dialogue, which she was right about so I did tweek it just a little.


Right now, while I wait for all reports, I’m looking for a cover designer. In the past I’ve done my own covers – painting the images before sending it to a designer to put it in a format for printing. I loved the first two covers for this trilogy – at the time but looking at recent cover designs on sale and having spoken to a marketing guru, I decided that I need a new, energetic look. I need a series style for the three books, each will have the female leads on the cover and an image of the place where the book is set. Watch this space.


The last one was held at Haigh Hall where the story was set, and in February which is when it was set. It was a great event, and one thing that lent it an extra dimension, was having local re-enactors come to the event. Linda and Alan Tabener of the Medical Living History Group, came along wearing the clothes of my lead characters, an army captain and a Queen Alexandra’s nursing matron. When they walked in, I was floored for a whole long minute. It really was as though my characters had materialised in front of me. Fantastic. They brought medical equipment of the time with them which was fascinating for everyone.


This time I’m hoping to hold the book launch at Ordsall Hall. I’ve been in touch with their events person this morning to run ideas past her. Ideally, I’d like to have more involvement from several re-enactment groups, Home Guard, Home Front civilians and the medical group. The ARP, police and Fire Service, especially the AFS are all in the story, along with the medical people. The Christmas blitz in Manchester caused massive casualties. I’d like the groups doing their thing outside while the book launch runs in the hall. It’s been suggested that this could be a public event so that the re-enactors can get maximum publicity and involvement. I’ve found a few groups, but if anyone knows of one that would like to be involved – get in touch. It should be great.

Ordsall Hall has been restored to its Tudor splendour, but in 1940 it stood untouched like a blackened island in the midst of the destruction. I love our heritage and it’s great that we can visit such places. I for one need to go and walk around a place I write about – it helps to put me in the characters’ shoes.


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