Unspoken Voices

Unspoken Voices

The Unspoken Voices Trilogy: This is a series of three books, historical novels with a strong supernatural element. The three form the saga of people connected through family or the ties of friendship from the late Victorian period to WW1 in 1915 and finally WW2 in 1940. All are set in or near Manchester.

The main characters are all women. The first, the Victorian, is a female undertaker who is clairvoyant. Her fiancé is a police sergeant. She’s threatened by a mysterious killer who stalks the city one hot summer. The second is a nursing matron and a widow who takes a post at an auxiliary hospital in WW1 where both supernatural and human evil threatens the most vulnerable. The third book, in WW2 has two main female characters, one a journalist with the Manchester evening News and unmarried, and the other secretary to the undertaker. She is happily married with two children and heavily pregnant.

The romantic relationships change and develop for each of the women and although the men are very important in the stories, it’s the women’s lives and voices that the reader focuses on. Each woman faces threats to her life or that of someone she cares for. Sometimes this comes from a living person, sometimes a malevolent supernatural presence and sometimes from the environmental and historical circumstances at the time. All the women take advantage of the opportunities that open for women in their own time, but not without facing and overcoming the difficulties that arise.

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