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My book is currently with my Beta readers…

My book is currently with my Beta readers, and I’ve had replies from three of the seven. Thank goodness they’ve given me really great reports – all favourable – apart from one comment about some dialogue, which she was right about so I did tweek it just a little. COVER DESIGN PUZZLER Right now, while
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Coming soon – A Lifting of Clouds

 A LIFTING OF CLOUDS      Almost Christmas, December 1940 and the enemy unleashed a blitzkrieg on Manchester. Two women, out in the city on the first night, one unwittingly and the other by choice, are caught in the fury of the raid. Set against the background of a second world war, this is the
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I’ve finished my book

I don’t mean I’ve finished writing the final page, the last line, written ‘The end’. I mean I’ve done that and read it about five more times to see if it actually makes sense and if I’m still pleased with it – and I am. It’s called A lifting of Clouds. I feel like I’ve
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I have to say I love the research…

I’ve just been looking up the weather records for Manchester in January 1941, which is when my book is set. By mid-month the ice and snow had arrived and, as the winter before had been truly Arctic, I imagine people would have been braced for the worst. I like to check on the weather record
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I didn’t intend to write a trilogy at all…

PHOTO: The book launch of A legacy of ghosts held at Haigh Hall February 2022. Rhona with Majors Linda and Alan Taberner of the Medical Living History Group, who joined her at the launch, I didn’t intend to write a trilogy at all, but the idea crept stealthily into my subconscious along with the characters
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